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Poisonous Plants

It's important to know what poisonous plants may be near where you live, and even in your own home. Below is a list of some common poisonous indoor and outdoor plants. Click on the plant name to see the picture. The more you are familiar with poisonous plants and what they look like, the safer you and your family can be.

The best way to keep children safe from poisonous plants is to make sure younger children do not taste or eat any part of a plant and instruct older children on how to recognize poisonous plants.


Some potentially poisonous INDOOR plants:




English Ivy

Peace Lily


Pothos/Devil's Ivy

Some potentially poisonous OUTDOOR plants: 


Azalea Gladiola Oak (acorns)
Belladonna Holly Oleander
Black Locust Hyacinth Peony
Boxwood Hydrangea Podophyllum
Caladium Iris/Flags Poison Ivy
Capsicum Jerusalem Cherry Poison Oak
Castor Bean Jimsonweed Poison Sumac
Chinaberry Jonquil Pokeweed/Pokeberry
Chrysanthemum (Mums) Lily of the Valley Privet
Crocus Lobelia Rhododendron
Crown-of-Thorns Morning Glory Tobacco/Wild Tobacco
Daffodil Mountain Laurel Water Hemlock
Eunonymus Mushrooms Wisteria
Four O'Clock Narcissus Yew
Foxglove Nephthytis/Arrowhead
Fruit pits / Seeds Nightshade Family

(Not every poisonous plant is listed.)

Click here to view our Plant Safety Brochure, or click here to order copies.


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