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North Carolina has over 1,500 species of spiders. Although most spiders produce venom, their bites are not usually harmful to humans. However, the Black Widow and Brown Recluse are North Carolina's most dangerous spiders and can cause serious pain and injury.

To avoid spider bites:

  1. Wear gloves when working in the garden, garage, or other areas of your home that have been left dormant for awhile.

  2. Avoid walking barefoot through tall grass and weeds and in dark storage areas like sheds or garages.

  3. Shake clothes and shoes that have been sitting for a time and check for spiders before wearing.

Call Carolinas Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 if you think you have been bitten by a Black Widow or Brown Recluse or if you think you have had an allergic reaction to a spider bite.

Black Widow
Brown Recluse
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