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Poison Prevention Tips
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Poison Prevention Tips

The dangers of mothballs

With spring here animals will be coming out of hiding and becoming more active. Your first reaction might be to grab a box of mothballs to keep these pests away, but the mothballs will probably bring you more trouble than they are worth. If a child swallows just ½ of a mothball made from naphthalene they could end up at the hospital.

  • Ingestion can produce vomiting, drowsiness, anemia (your blood doesn't deliver enough oxygen to the body), and kidney damage.

  • Inhalation can produce headaches, nausea, and irritaiton to the nose, throat, and lungs.

  • Eye contact can produce conjunctivitis or a corneal injury.

  • Skin contact can produce irritation and a rash.

Mothball Tips

  • Mothballs are NOT an effective way to control pests.

  • Do not toss them into the open space in your attic or under your home.

  • Use moth balls only for treating moths in airtight containers or storage closets.

  • If you do use mothballs make sure you completely air out the clothing or blankets before using. Your skin can absorb the toxins and cause you to become ill.

For pest control solutions please visit your local hardware or home improvement store.

Call the Carolinas Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 for more information.

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