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Prevention Tips for Look-A-Likes

Most rooms in our homes have hidden dangers. Below are just a few examples of household products that could be poisonous if used incorrectly or found by a child.

This map can be found in our poison safety brochure. Click here to link to our "Poison Safety Brochure" where you can order one for free.


Follow these tips to help prevent an accidental ingestion of medicines or household products:

•  Lock all of these items in places children cannot reach.

•  Put them away every time.
medicine dangers.jpg
•  If there is a safety cap on it, make sure it is locked.

•  Take your medicines where children cannot watch; children often learn by imitation.

•  Teach kids about medicine safety.  
          › Don't call medicine candy and teach children to ask an adult 
            before putting anything in their mouth.
          › Talk to children about how household products can make 
            them sick if they drink or swallow substances that are not 
            meant to be swallowed.

•  Remind guests and visitors about medicine safety. Ask them to keep purses or bags with medicine up and out of reach.

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