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toddler reaching for cabinetPoison Safety
Most poisonings are accidental and therefore preventable. A primary goal of poison centers is to help reduce the incidence of poisonings by actively promoting poison prevention.  Click here to visit our Poison Safety page.

For Kids Under 12
Here's the place for a fun way to learn about poison prevention.  Click here to find poison puzzles, word searches, and other games about teaching children to recognize and stay away from poisons. 

For Kids 12 and Over
Pre-teens and teens are at risk for poisonings, too.  Intentional and unintentional poisonings are on the rise.  Click here to learn more about over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications or illegal drug abuse to prepare you for more informative talks with your adolescent.

For Babysitters
You and the poison center make a good team.  Carolinas Poison Center can give you need-to-know tips to keep the children you're caring for safe.  We can also help you prepare for the unthinkable--a poison emergency.  Click here to get started.  Not only will the parents be your BFF, but you'll catapult yourself onto the "planet's best babysitter" list. 

For Senior Adults
Caring for aging parents and grandparents can be difficult.  Carbon monoxide, medication safety, and food poisoning are all important topics that need to be emphasized and revisited when helping aging adults stay healthy.  Click here for more information. 

For questions about poisons or for a poison emergency, call

Poison Safety
For Kids Under 12
For Tweens & Teens
For Babysitters
For Senior Adults
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