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The message Consumer Reports wants you to know about laundry pods

The storage and usage of laundry detergent pods have been a hot topic of discussion.  Consumer Reports is now weighing in on the discussion with the agency's decision not to endorse the products.

Carolinas Poison Center wants parents to know that the liquid inside laundry detergent pods is highly concentrated and can make children very sick if the pods are not used in the way they were intended.  Over 6,000 calls have been made to poison control centers across the country about laundry pods during the first half of this year.

See the Consumer Reports article here.

View this fact sheet on laundry pod safety here

You can help prevent an exposure to laundry detergent pods or other household cleaners and chemicals by following these tips:

1)  Keep cleaners and chemicals up and away and out of children's sight and reach.
2)  Talk to young children about the fact that regular household prodcuts can be poisonous if they are used in the wrong way or wrong amount. 
3)  Teach children to ask first before they put something in their mouths.
4)  Program the number to Carolinas Poison Center into your phone:  1-800-222-1222.






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