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Poison Safety

Store Poisons Safely                                                                                            
 Lock up medicines and household products, where children cannot see or reach them.
• Store products only in their original containers.
• Use child-resistant packaging…but remember, NOTHING is childproof!

Use Poisons Safely 
Read the label. Follow the directions on medicines and products.
• Are children around? Take the product or medicine with you when you answer the door or the phone.
• Is it medicine? Call it medicine, not candy. 
• Children learn by imitation. Take your medicines where children cannot watch.

Teach Children to Ask First
• Poisons can look like food or drink. Teach children to ask an adult before eating or drinking anything.

Common Household Hazards
View these 30-second cartoons to teach you and your family how to recognize and handle common poisoning situations around the home. Click on the pictures to start each video.


Source: Health Resources and Services Administration Poison Control Program,

You will need Windows Media Player to view these videos.  Click here to download it to your computer.

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