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For Kids Under 12

Play ToxMystery
Click on the pictures where marked to get started! 

Let Toxie the Cat  help you find the poison hazards in each room of your house. Click on the house picture to start your journey!  

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   (If your computer has trouble playing flash files, click here for a text version of ToxMystery.)

 ToxMystery was created by the United States National Library of Medicine to help children from 7-11 years old learn about household chemical hazards. The main character, Toxie the Cat, helps kids find the hazards hidden in each room of the house. When all the risky spots in the house have been discovered, Toxie dances and celebrates. Players can then print a personalized certificate of completion.

ToxMystery is available in English and Spanish, with Toxie easily communicating in both languages. ToxMystery not only educates young learners but also provides parents and teachers with resources on environmental health. Parents can click on the "Parent Resources" or "Para los padres" tabs to find links to U.S. government and non-profit organization websites about everyday environmental hazards. The "For Teachers" or "Para maestros" pages contain three lesson plans with student worksheets and activities that use ToxMystery to explore common household chemical hazards.

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