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What to Expect When You Call

Be ready with this information when you call the Carolinas Poison Center: 

  • Patient's Age
  • Patient's Weight
  • Patient's Medical History
  • Type of Exposure: Was it inhaled? Swallowed? Did it get on the skin or in the eyes?
  • Time of Exposure
  • Symptoms
  • Product Information - have container available

Questions the Specialist will ask when you call:  
The Specialist will request location information (is the patient at home? work?) and a phone number.  We ask for a phone number for a couple of reasons.  If the line gets disconnected, we need to be able to call back to continue assisting the caller.  Additionally, our Specialists frequently follow up with patients to see how they are doing. And getting information about where the call originates helps us know where we need to concentrate our poison prevention and education.  

You can trust that your call is confidential. 
Your call is a private phone call between you and the Specialist handling your case.  More complex cases may require further consultation with a toxicologist.  Your Specialist will let you know if she or he needs to speak with a doctor.  Our calls are recorded for case review and study, but your information is always private.

You can trust that we will help you, anytime, day or night.
You can call Carolinas Poison Center anytime you need us, no matter how many times that may be. We never close.   

You can trust that we will provide you with excellent treatment advice in a timely manner.
All calls are answered right away.  Our Specialists are nurses and pharmacists who are specially trained in poisons and are backed up 24/7 by medical toxicologists.  Don't wait for poisoning symptoms before you call.  We'll be ready to help. 

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